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The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast

Jul 2, 2021

Phew. Sorry to call you out, lady, but man... this one was tough Ms. Herron!

This show is going to be the end of all our times- always. 

We're recapping and fangirling Episode 4 of LOKI this week with Julia and Ashley. And this one has a few swear words, so parents, after about the 10-minute mark... EARMUFFS if you have littles around! 

It could not be avoided (sorry Violet and Angie!)

Ashely and Julia are back and so is our favorite Loki.

And by our favorite, yes, we do have to specify since there are apparently many Lokis out there!


We are too- which is why Ashley the comic book expert is here to break things down a bit for us. 

And you KNOW how we feel about Tom Hiddleston and his character of Loki. (spoiler: we absolutely freakin' love the guy!)

Links you may find helpful that we talked about in the show: