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The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast

May 19, 2020

The binging continues!

SCOOB! Parent Review

As a family, we all decided to sit down and give SCOOB! a try. And I gotta say- there were no regrets. 

I break it down and let you know just what to consider before buying or renting SCOOB! on video on demand now.

Netflix Hollywood

This one is not for kids- not even a little! But if you like Hollywood- especially old Hollywood glitz and glam, this one might appeal to the dreamers out there. 

Hollywood tales the story of young actors, screenwriters, and directors who are chasing their dreams. We've heard this one before? Not like this! What if social conventions changed 60+ years ago? What would the world and entertainment look like? A more inclusive Hollywood sounds like a dream to me- and that's what you get from this series on Netflix. 

It's not great- but it is totally bingeable!