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The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

Welcome to Season 4 of the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast. 

After a spotty and weird 2020 (who can't say that about 2020?!) we're back to good ol' fashioned fangirling. 

This season is going to be all about WandaVision on Disney+. 

Ashley Saunders from With Ashley and Co is joining each week for a spoiler-filled easter egg hunt of a recap. 

This week we're running down episodes 1, 2, and 3, and after that, we'll do one episode recap a week.  

Join us to learn a little more about WandaVision and why all this weirdness is going to be important to the future of the MCU. 

A few links you may want to check out: 

Thanks for fangirling with us this season! You know it's no fun to fangirl alone.